How do you get your game noticed?

How do you stand out from the crowd?

How do you execute a PR campaign?

How do you write a press release?

How do you generate interest from press?

How do you respond to journalists?

Where do you go and how do you start?


 What We Do:

  • GAME PROMOTER™ will provide you with a professionally written press release within 48 hours.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will distribute the completed PR to our worldwide network of press contacts.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will promote your game for a period of 15 days.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will CC you on e-mails to game journalists with an interest in your game.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will use Google Alert™ to monitor your press clippings.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will send you links to news, reviews, articles, videos etc.


 Who We Contact:

  • Games journalists, bloggers and gaming websites
  • Print media, tabloids and newspapers covering games.
  • YouTube™ gaming channels.
  • Twitch™ broadcast gaming channels.
  • Alexa™-ranked games media.
  • Trade media covering the games industry.


We Accept PayPal & All Major Credit Cards. We Do Not Accept Wire-Transfers, Direct Deposit, Western Union, Money Grams Or Royalties For Payment

GAME PROMOTER™ can help promote YOUR game! We offer a market-leading PR campaign service suitable to game developers of all sizes. We have the skills, the talent, the experience and the network of media that you seek. Want more press coverage? Want more downloads? Want more sales? We are the #1 choice to game developers for a reason. A PR campaign is an affordable and effective way of creating hype, interest and awareness in your products, and is a great tool to announce new games, updates to existing games or to promote Crowdfunding campaigns. We offer distribution of press releases to the largest database of industry press contacts in the world! No kidding. We offer a direct point-of-contact to leading editors, writers, writers, bloggers, freelancers, YouTuber's & Twitcher's, all covering games-related editorial content and news. Our database of press contacts is updated on a daily basis and we currently have direct contact to more than 10.000+ games media. We offer worldwide campaigns in addition to region- and country-specific PR distribution. We also offer localization. Seriously, we kick PR ass!


"We originally approached GAME PROMOTER™ to support the launch of our debut title 60 Seconds!. Their hard work and a wide network of contacts made it possible to generate an early buzz for our game that quickly translated into a rapidly growing interest and introduced a wide range of audiences to our project. We were extremely happy to have worked with GAME PROMOTER™ and are looking forward to working with these talented folks again!"