The computer and video games industry has evolved significantly. Gone are the days when the industry was tightly controlled by a handful of publishers cherry picking the titles available to consumers, and gone are the days of year-long productions and excessively large teams. Today, independent game developers are faced with a series of unique new challenges. Self-publishing in the digital space has become the norm in the industry and more often than not, developers excel at building brilliant and addictive games, but lack the experience and insight on promoting and selling them. Having a great game is a good start but not enough to succeed these days. Only a handful of titles sell or become popular with little or no marketing effort because most markets, whether traditionally boxed or digital and mobile, are saturated and highly competitive. GAME PROMOTER™ can help.


GAME PROMOTER™ was founded in 2009 with the mission of servicing small- to medium-sized game developers with their Business, Public Relations and Marketing needs. Our goal is to help and assist you in getting your games successfully exposed to the gaming press and consumers worldwide. We are highly respected and experienced in the industry and have specialized in the promotion, business, and marketing of games for decades. Our team of marketers and executives has held senior roles with major gaming studios across the globe, and we pride ourselves of always giving you our honest opinion about your games and chances of success. In just a few short years, GAME PROMOTER™ has represented and worked with more than 500+ independent game developers from all continents and corners of the world, and we will continue to offer a diverse selection of services to our partners.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Market-Leading Press Release Writing & Distribution Service

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Matchmaker Service To Secure Funding & Distribution Deals

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Crowdfunding Service To Promote & Finance Game Projects

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Business Development To Studios Of All Sizes

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Public Relation Services

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Marketing Services

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Text Writing & Editorial Copy

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Game Design & Prototyping

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Qualified Programming & Project Management

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Industry Tailored Consulting Services

We encourage you to browse the Internet to evaluate your options to promote and sell your game, and we encourage you to exercise a comparison with GAME PROMOTER™ to other and similar services. What you will discover is that GAME PROMOTER™ is the #1 choice to game developers just like you! We look forward to working with you, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have.

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