Over the past decade, the computer and video games industry has evolved and reinvented itself. There used to be a time when the industry was controlled by a small group of highly specialized game publisher’s cherry-picking titles available to the consumer, and there used to be a time when games were exclusively distributed on CD and DVD. With the Internet boom and the introduction of mobile technologies and platforms, a new generation of “indie” game developer has emerged. They bring creative, innovative, exciting and compelling gameplay experiences from a new generation of talent, and offers a fresh breath of life to an otherwise stagnant industry plagued with licensed titles and sequels, offering nothing else but more of the same. Today, with the emergence of intuitive and easy-to-use game engines and tools, even graduate developers with limited experience can self-publish in the digital space, hoping to strike it rich with a one-hit wonder or luck... Truth be told, it doesn't work like that.


Got Game But No Fame?!?


The worldwide video game industry is poised to reach USD $90 billion by the end of 2015, thanks to the combined growth of PC, console, portable, and online video games. With such an impressive market, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you get noticed? Who can help and where do you go? Game developers of today need an experienced partner they can rely on for guidance and support in a rapidly changing environment; an experienced and professional liaison with invaluable insight to how the industry works, offering honest advice and affordable services in a highly competitive climate. For the most part, game developers are fantastic at creating brilliant games, but more often than not lack the skills, insight, know-how and even the interest on how to promote, sell and market their titles. This is no surprise; after all, they're developers, not marketers or publishers.


Fear Not The Challenge Of Discoverability


GAME PROMOTER™ established in 2009 with the intent of servicing small- to medium-sized game developers with their business, public relations and marketing needs. Our goal is to help and assist you in getting your games successfully exposed to industry press and consumers worldwide. Our experienced team of professional marketers has worked in the industry for decades and have specialized in the business of selling, promoting and marketing of games. With a portfolio of more than 1.000 game developers from all continents and corners of the world, it is our continued commitment to offer an attractive and diverse selection of affordable services to our valued developer network and trusted partners in the industry.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Worldwide Press Release Campaigns.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Crowdfunding Support Packages.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Fundraising & Financing.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Sales & Distribution.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Public Relations & Marketing.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Publishing & Bundling Opportunities.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Business Development & Strategy.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Game Design & Product Development.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Programming & Project Management.

GAME PROMOTER™ Offers Consulting & Legal Council.

We encourage you to browse the Internet to evaluate your options on how to best promote and sell your game, and we encourage you to exercise a comparison with GAME PROMOTER™ to other and similar partners. What you will discover is that GAME PROMOTER™ is a natural choice to game developers just like you. We look forward to working with you, and you are welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have to our array of services.

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